Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Georgia's sons at Kennesaw

From time to time, I will highlight the life and career of
various native sons of the Peach state that fought at
Kennesaw Mountain. To get started, let's meet the men
of general rank* from Georgia:

William J. Hardee,

lieutenant general

William H. T.


major general

Joseph Wheeler, major general

Robert H. Anderson,

brigadier general

John C. Carter,
brigadier general

Henry D. Clayton,
brigadier general

Alfred Cumming,
brigadier general

Matthew D. Ector,

brigadier general

James T. Holtzclaw,

brigadier general

Alfred Iverson,

brigadier general

John K. Jackson,

brigadier general

Thomas M. Scott,

brigadier general

Marcellus A. Stovall,
brigadier general

The average age of these 12 gentlemen was 37, the

oldest being Hardee (48) and the youngest Carter

(26). More than half of them had some previous military

experience, either as graduates of the U.S. Military

Academy at West Point (Anderson, Cumming,

Hardee, and Walker), or as officers in the U.S. Army

before the war (Iverson), or as officers in the state

militia (Jackson and Stovall). Of the remaining five,

four (Carter, Clayton, Ector, and Holtzclaw) had

backgrounds in law and politics; while Scott, about

whose prewar activities little is known, was a planter

in Louisiana.

All but Carter and Walker would survive the war.

* Rank given is final rank attained, not necessarily
rank at the time of the battle.

Source: Generals in Gray (1959) by Ezra J. Warner

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